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The Cranberries - Zombie

Love her voice

My kids hate this song, so when it’s on, I jam and sing along.

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Eleanor Rigby (Strings Only) - The Beatles

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From The Ultimate Beatles Encyclopedia

Unreleased Beatles song, mainly composed by Paul McCartney for the film Help!. The Beatles recorded it on Saturday 20 Feb and Thursday 30 March 1965. John Lennon was to say, “The song is a ballad which Paul and I wrote for the film but we found we just couldn’t sing it. In face, we made a hash of it, so we thought we’d better give it to somebody who could do it well.”

P.J. Proby recorded the song at Abbey Road on 7 April 1965, but the record wasn’t a hit for him.

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Do Ya Thing - Gorillaz feat. Andre 3000

You wanna do it
But you don’t know what you doin’ baby

You wanna feel it,
But you don’t know what you’re feeling tonight!

And if you’re thinking
That I don’t know what you’re thinking baby

You go on thinking
And you gonna make it alright!

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The Politics Of Dancing b/w Flex It!
Re-Flex, Capitol Records/USA (1983) 

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I love You Tits….✨❤💕🇬🇧

Thank you, Darling xoxo 



I love You Tits….✨❤💕🇬🇧

Thank you, Darling xoxo 

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The Kinks : All Day & All of the Night

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